VEER STEEL MILLS seeks to optimize locally sourced raw material to produce various steel product at the required specifications and quality as needed by our valued customers.

VEER STEEL MILLS is a structural long steel producer with a wide range of steel products being produced at our Gauteng operations, we have a national footprint as well as a presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Thank you for visiting our Website. True to our dream to change the landscape of the steel industry, we have taken significant strides in the right direction. At Veer Steel Mills we believe in reaching the full spectrum of our product users. We believe in being flexible, dynamic in our service solution and offer un-wavered quality.

Our vision to align technology and steel making best practice is our commitment to the South African market. We want our prices to reflect the business output as we see it, which is value-addition of South African scrap metal resources. With flexible planning and predictable order lead-times, my team and I will offer a reliable service that will always be partnering sense.

We place a strong emphasis on our site environmental management, Non-negotiable safety standards and above all ongoing investment in our staff. Close to my heart is our developmental project “Ubhoko”, our sales and marketing drive to bring our products to Township users across the country. Our brand stands for “consistency of business output”, for all South Africans to equally reap the benefits of our work.

We believe relationships are based on strong communication and there will always be an efficient response, tracking or friendly staff colleague to see us over any hurdle.

Our user-friendly, customer satisfaction-driven approach to business is yours to take advantage of, Welcome.

Extensive Manufacturing RangeHigh Quality Steel Products

Veer Steel Mills produce an extensive range of steel products and produce to the specified specification per
the requirements to produce quality products and meet our customer's expectations.

Trust the product we buildQuality Assurance

We at Veer steel mills provide quality products that comply with all the relevant standards,
we are also in the process of implementing ISO 9001.

  • Comprehensive Quality Product

    Veer Steel Mills produce steel in the following grades, Commercial quality, S275JR & S355JR

  • Registered Quality Management System

    Veer Steel Mills is in process to get ISO9001 certificate and Implement the best manufacturing process in industry

  • Produce to Standard Specifications

    Veer steel mills produce to the relevant standard, structural steels are being produced to SANS 50025/BS EN 10025 standards

  • Product Development

    Product development is key at VSM to place ourselves in the position to move forward with our customers

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