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VSM are here to Stay, Building Long-Term Mutual Beneficially Business Relationships with all our Stakeholders


We at VSM are Changing the Face of the Steel Industry in South Africa Through Our Revolutionary Business Outlook

Welcome to Veer Steel Mills

About Us


Veer Steel Mills seeks to optimize locally sourced raw material to produce various steel product at the required specifications and quality as needed by our valued customers.

Veer Steel Mills is a structural long steel producer with a wide range of steel products being produced at our Gauteng operations, we have a national footprint as well as a presence in sub-Saharan Africa.

Quality is Everyone's Responsibility and we Never have to Stop Getting Better.

- W. Edwards Deming

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Veer Steel Mills is one of the fastest growing steel manufacturing company in South Africa. Manufacturing a wide range of
steel products and creating opportunity for everyone collectively growth with several
progressive initiatives for the people of South Africa.


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Customer Focus

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From CEO Desk

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We Endeavour to Make the Better Environment and Ecosystem

Veer Steel Mills (VSM) is an eco-friendly recycling and manufacturing organization that strives to meet their legal obligation through continuous improvement of our operations observing our Duty of Care for sustainable development. Steel remains one of the most recycled materials in the industry and is 100% recyclable with every steel product being produced; there is a percentage of recycled steel in it. The ratios of recycled steel differ across a wide variety of products that would be manufactured as well as the standards and regulations per industry and country.

VSM procures their own scrap and process it to the specified specs per the requirements to produce quality products and meet your expectations. We value the Environment, thus we ensure that recycling forms part of our core business and our products are produced through sustainable and enviro-friendly processes.

VSM is sensitive to environmental concerns and is quite aware of the realities of Climate Change thus it chose to contribute positively in the recycling and manufacturing business so as to conserve the Finite resources and reduce pressure on the Natural Resources through producing value-added steel products. As an environmental cautious organization, we are always on the market researching on cleaner ways of processing and manufacturing our products as well as minimizing our footprint & impacts on the environment using energy efficient technologies including value addition to our by-products for resource maximization.

Currently we have an Internal Management System that subscribes to the principles of ISO 14001 and upholds the “Best Practice Principles” but VSM envisions its operations being ISO 14001 certified in the near future. Research forms part of VSM’s operations and we are in the process of investigating the potential of using slag for brick making and had a buy-in in the use of Natural Gas as a reduction measure in reducing the Carbon footprint.

We have embarked on an awareness programme where we engage with our stakeholders regarding the real issues affecting the environment as a result of the operations in the industry and seek to improve continuously.



We draw the SHEQ facilitation from government authorizations for our steel making activity. VSM acknowledges the responsibility offered to us and the accountability along with it. Being responsible means educating our staff and service providers of the standard of practice that is expected. A healthy work site is based on equipment installation for every eventuality. Record keeping is at the heart of the system and making sure that all our stakeholders understand our outputs.

As we install new equipment and understand that our learning curve must be short, emphasis on safety is Key for all and staff drives the output for each other. Our onsite clinic oversees the cyclical care to monitor the state of our staff health.

Environmental compliance is our obligation in monitoring, recording and sharing of information to staff and stakeholders for improvement.

The company is currently gearing its systems for ISO accreditation for Standards 14000 and 18000. In addition we take care of employee well-being by offering a wellness campaign, free medical testing, mobile clinic services, stress management, counselling, HIV and AIDS awareness and advice on matters of personal finance. Our objective for this coming year with regard to employee health is to bed down a new HIV/AIDS policy to ensure that we are doing everything we can as a company to proactively fight this disease. As part of this focus project on HIV/AIDS we hope to launch a voluntary testing campaign for all staff throughout the business. The test results will allow us for the first time to know the extent of the infection rate within VSM and enable us to modify our policies and practices as needed to strengthen our impact in this area.

Customer Focus

Veer Steel Mills Have Customer Friendly Business Model

At Veer steel mills our drive is to be customer centric where we will build a long term sustainable business relationship with our customer.

One of our key focus areas is our reliability, we always aim to exceed in our service to our customer in terms of promised delivery date. On time delivery in our business is an area where we pride ourselves to exceed expectations since we designed our processes around customer deliveries being on time and reliable. We at Veer steel mills provide quality products that comply with all the relevant standards; we are also in the process of implementing ISO 9001.

Our company listens and responds to our customer needs, we endeavour to understand customers’ needs and respond with value adding propositions. Our aim is to walk the road with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied in their requirements and needs.

Customers will also find Veer steel mills approach to flexibility refreshing where we incorporate flexibility into our product offering without affecting our reliability towards our customer. At Veer steel we do constant product improvement and product development this allow our customers the opportunity to develop with our support.

We at Veer steel have a well-trained and dedicated sales and marketing team to achieve and exceed our goal to be customer focused up to the standard of all our valued customers.

From CEO Desk

Thank you for visiting our Website

True to our dream to change the landscape of the steel industry, we have taken significant strides in the right direction. At Veer Steel Mills we believe in reaching the full spectrum of our product users. We believe in being flexible, dynamic in our service solution and offer un-wavered quality.

Our vision to align technology and steel making best practice is our commitment to the South African market. We want our prices to reflect the business output as we see it, which is value-addition of South African scrap metal resources. With flexible planning and predictable order lead-times, my team and I will offer a reliable service that will always be partnering sense.

We place a strong emphasis on our site environmental management, Non-negotiable safety standards and above all ongoing investment in our staff. Close to my heart is our developmental project “Ubhoko”, our sales and marketing drive to bring our products to Township users across the country. Our brand stands for “consistency of business output”, for all South Africans to equally reap the benefits of our work.

We believe relationships are based on strong communication and there will always be an efficient response, tracking or friendly staff colleague to see us over any hurdle.

Our user-friendly, customer satisfaction-driven approach to business is yours to take advantage of, Welcome.

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Welcome to Veer Steel Mills


  • Producing steel in a safe and sustainable manner, while taking care of our environment.
  • Optimizing our operations to benefit all of our stakeholders
  • Being reliable and innovative in all our processes
  • Promote economic growth in townships by supporting entrepreneurs in these areas

Welcome to Veer Steel Mills


To be a revolutionary value adding steel producing company that identify and establish new plant opportunities within South Africa through beneficiation of key raw materials.

Welcome to Veer Steel Mills


Borne from the country’s need to value-add scrap metal, Veer Steel Mills entered the market place in 2013 to provide light long steel products. Our strong footing in raw materials procurement and handling was our basis for this transition.
Based in Alrode, Gauteng, we pioneered the cross-country mill concept, to show the country that steel products could be made with doing the basics correctly and offering consistency in a quality conscious market.
It is now home to 700 employees and housed on a 100 000 sq.meters, we strive for continuous improvement.
Our business principal is to always be relevant through skills building, technology best practice and bringing value to the end-user.

Welcome to Veer Steel Mills

Why Us

“The aim of Veer Steel Mills is to build long-term sustainable business relationships with all its customers through being reliable without losing flexibility, producing high-quality products, top-notch service levels, outstanding support and unmatched value.”

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