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Veer Steel Mills Have Customer Friendly Business Model

At Veer steel mills our drive is to be customer centric where we will build a long term sustainable business relationship with our customer.

One of our key focus areas is our reliability, we always aim to exceed in our service to our customer in terms of promised delivery date. On time delivery in our business is an area where we pride ourselves to exceed expectations since we designed our processes around customer deliveries being on time and reliable. We at Veer steel mills provide quality products that comply with all the relevant standards; we are also in the process of implementing ISO 9001.

Our company listens and responds to our customer needs, we endeavour to understand customers’ needs and respond with value adding propositions. Our aim is to walk the road with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their requirements and needs.

Customers will also find Veer steel mills approach to flexibility refreshing where we incorporate flexibility into our product offering without affecting our reliability towards our customer. At Veer Steel Mills we do constant product improvement and product development this allows our customers the opportunity to develop with our support.

We at Veer steel have a well-trained and dedicated sales and marketing team to achieve and exceed our goal to be customer focused up to the standard of all our valued customers.

Extensive Manufacturing RangeOther Steel Products

Veer Steel Mills produce an extensive range of steel products and produce to the specified specification per
the requirements to produce quality products and meet our customer's expectations.

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