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Veer Steel Mills (VSM) is an eco-friendly recycling and manufacturing organization that strives to meet their legal obligation through continuous improvement of our operations observing our Duty of Care for sustainable development. Steel remains one of the most recycled materials in the industry and is 100% recyclable with every steel product being produced; there is a percentage of recycled steel in it. The ratios of recycled steel differ across a wide variety of products that would be manufactured as well as the standards and regulations per industry and country.

VSM procures their own scrap and process it to the specified specs per the requirements to produce quality products and meet your expectations. We value the Environment, thus we ensure that recycling forms part of our core business and our products are produced through sustainable and enviro-friendly processes.

VSM is sensitive to environmental concerns and is quite aware of the realities of Climate Change thus it chose to contribute positively in the recycling and manufacturing business so as to conserve the Finite resources and reduce pressure on the Natural Resources through producing value-added steel products. As an environmental cautious organization, we are always on the market researching on cleaner ways of processing and manufacturing our products as well as minimizing our footprint & impacts on the environment using energy efficient technologies including value addition to our by-products for resource maximization.

Currently we have an Internal Management System that subscribes to the principles of ISO 14001 and upholds the “Best Practice Principles” but VSM envisions its operations being ISO 14001 certified in the near future. Research forms part of VSM’s operations and we are in the process of investigating the potential of using slag for brick making and had a buy-in in the use of Natural Gas as a reduction measure in reducing the Carbon footprint.

We have embarked on an awareness programme where we engage with our stakeholders regarding the real issues affecting the environment as a result of the operations in the industry and seek to improve continuously.

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Veer Steel Mills produce an extensive range of steel products and produce to the specified specification per
the requirements to produce quality products and meet our customer's expectations.

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