We draw the SHEQ facilitation from government authorizations for our steel making activity. VSM acknowledges the responsibility offered to us and the accountability along with it. Being responsible means educating our staff and service providers of the standard of practice that is expected. A healthy work site is based on equipment installation for every eventuality. Record keeping is at the heart of the system and making sure that all our stakeholders understand our outputs.

As we install new equipment and understand that our learning curve must be short, the emphasis on safety is Key for all and staff drive the output for each other. Our onsite clinic oversees the cyclical care to monitor the state of our staff health.

Environmental compliance is our obligation in monitoring, recording and sharing of information with staff and stakeholders for improvement.

The company is currently gearing its systems for ISO accreditation for standards 14000 and 18000. In addition, we take care of employee well-being by offering a wellness campaign, free medical testing, mobile clinic services, stress management, counseling, HIV and AIDS awareness and advice on matters of personal finance. Our objective for this coming year with regard to employee health is to bed down a new HIV/AIDS policy to ensure that we are doing everything we can as a company to proactively fight this disease. As part of this focused project on HIV/AIDS, we hope to launch a voluntary testing campaign for all staff throughout the business. The test results will allow us for the first time to know the extent of the infection rate within VSM and enable us to modify our policies and practices as needed to strengthen our impact in this area

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Veer Steel Mills produce an extensive range of steel products and produce to the specified specification per
the requirements to produce quality products and meet our customer's expectations.

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