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High Quality Square Steel Bar

Veer steel mills produce standard square bars, non-standard sizes and steel specifications may be considered on an enquiry basis.

Veer Steel Mills strives to fulfil our duty of care for sustainable development; Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the industry and is 100% recyclable.

Steel for square bars for applications where mechanical properties of the steel are not important, square bar can be ordered in the mild steel grade/commercial quality.

We at Veer steel mills provide quality products that comply with all the relevant standards; we are also in the process of implementing ISO 9001.

Test and analysis certificates are supplied for all steel ordered to international specifications. Standard lengths from 6 meter up to 13 meter are available.

Key Features of Square BarVeer steel mills procure scrap and process it to the specified specification per the requirements
to produce quality products and meet our customers’ expectations.
Veer steel mills use recycled steel scrap
Test and analysis certificates are supplied
In process of implementing ISO 9001
Product Details of Square Bar Specifications of Premium Quality Square Bar. The Bars Are Available As Per required Specifications,
Conforming to Dimensional Tolerances and Accurate Mechanical Properties
Square Bar
Square Bar
Size Size Description Weights Per Meter(Kg/Mtr)
Extensive Manufacturing RangeOther Steel Products

Veer Steel Mills produce an extensive range of steel products and produce to the specified specification per
the requirements to produce quality products and meet our customer's expectations.

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