As a Production Company, we adhere to our social responsibility and thus the UBHOKO for the people of South Africa.
We are here to support and Bridge the Gulf to create market opportunities for our people in informal settlements.

A short introduction of UBHOKO

The natural progression of new entrants to any industry would mean more competitive interaction. The by- products would be market growth, greater collaboration and more value offered. Our aim to create market localization is directed to creating a direct support network in the rural and township environments. Drawn only from the strengths of VSM, empowering a sales and logistics network from the targeted geographic areas will bring new opportunities to entrepreneurs and transporters.

This network will challenge the norms and shortfalls of the industry’s offerings to these industry participants and customers. We shall incubate potential entrepreneurs by creating synergy with “SME” funding bodies to develop their business growth.

Support these Areas and Customers

We shall offer Sales and Marketing material to the Network. We want to make our products a user-friendly brand. Educating this network of how rolling schedules and when products will become available to planning could be made more effective.

Each locality will have appointed UBHOKO change agents to offer ground support to consolidate and coordinate orders. Our goal is to appoint 50 change agents in 2018. Transporters from the same market areas will be utilized as vendors to service the customers in their area. Our aim to build skill and capacity for the industry lies in steel making and support services too.

We Shall Support All

The VSM Sales and Marketing support would offer dedicated individuals to the initiative for competitive pricing, reliable delivery support and after sales service from office and on the ground across the country for direct interaction with VSM the manufacturer. To the little guys of the industry, an opportunity never offered till now. We shall support unemployed graduates of the same or similar studies to offer exposure and experience to dynamics of the steel industry.

The offer of mixed loads and small quantities will be welcomed to meet the small business customer needs. Small orders will be met with a competitive offering as a large order.

We Want to Help You Grow

We shall introduce business development support by creating avenues of access to credit and funding. At most times these customers have never needed the use of the formal business practice. VSM shall offer to bridge in the form of forging support partners from governmental and private stakeholders. Our intervention has brought buy-in from these partners with the specific need to address their current state of dis-empowerment created by the current steel industry practices.

Currently in talks with our support partners to fund orders for small businesses. Credit Guarantee Insurance of Africa (CGIA) on condition of a registered business and official bank account will underwrite a credit facility to the value of R100 000.00 per small business owner.

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